My Life in the Hospital Epilogue

The world didn't stop. Tons to catch up with and barely the fortitude to make it through the day. No idea how this all happened to begin with; no idea if it could happen again. Must rest up; litany of test are on the horizon. workUse a cane to walk. Don't need cane to walk, need cane to not get knocked out of peoples way, to not get in fight with guy who thinks he owes the sidewalk, to maybe--just maybe--get a seat on the subway (happens less than one in ten trips). Having a foot long laceration through abdomen, needed to take out and sew up stomach, permanently disrupts body's core which is key to all movement, yet visually no one can tell anything is wrong. Cane sends message of "look, something wrong, have some social grace." Few do, fewer still care. cane_fu