My Life in the Hospital Day 7

[Please forgive the delay in posting. I've been dealing with stomach pain and other such issues resulting from my surgery. Typical.] smileyface

Shower, take a brisk walk, make some calls to catch up with work and friends, that's the plan. Past time to go home, avoid this infectious atmosphere, get some rest and get back to life. Doctor says the good news is discharge is mere days away. Shower's too cold, the floor is dirty, get in touch with people another time.

sad A different doctor doesn't see the need to stay. Take the opinion that best fits the desired answer. Check out of the hospital. Feel like celebrating. Feel like crying. Try hailing a cab wearing sweats after a week without bathing.

bum Finally home. Have to use the bathroom non-stop, still as swollen from the waist down as an obese person, still in pain, still waking soaked in sweat. Welcome home.