Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #22

They dared you to come here. They said you weren't man enough. But after a few drinks, you figured that there was nothing to fear in this old graveyard. But now that you're here, and the wind is whipping up, and the chill is dancing across your shoulders, you don't feel so sure. You hear a noise, and turn to find a tombstone...with your name on it! Something is clawing out of the ground; it can only twenty-two of Spooky covers! Today's rotting stench comes from Tales to Astonish #13:

Tales to Astonish #13

Clearly TTA #13 falls into the Monster Mash category, given how Groot is out to cause general mayhem to citizens and property.

But what earns this cover a special scream is that Groot is unlike other monsters we've seen. He's not simply knocking over buildings willy-nilly. No, he's actually growing into the town! Groot "the Root" is the kind of menace that every home owner fears: foundation troubles caused by that old oak tree!

But that's not all! This cover earns an extra scream because of the defiant tone of one of the civilians. Unlike other menaced individuals, this one doesn't give up hope or head for the hills. No he stands up to the monster! And more, he talks smak right back at him!

Upright Citizen: Imma put you down by midnight, boyo!

That's the way to put a monster in his place! Such specificity is like termites to the beings from Planet X!

Two screams for you. One for the gnarly trash-talking tree, and one for the fearless fool who takes up the challenge.

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