Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #21

Your head pounds. Your teeth ache. Your hands seem to elongate and grow fur. And then you notice the full moon. Finally you realize that gypsy curse was real truth. You are twenty-one of Spooky covers. Today's beastly fright is House of Secrets #114:

House of Secrets #114

Good Lord! What is going on here?

This poor figure skater is being hounded by a bunch of ruffian hockey players...who just happen to be skeletons.

But if that weren't bad enough, she's being chased toward a hole in the ice, where another skeleton is breaking through!

This woman is having a very bad day. Or maybe a bad night. It isn't clear whether this takes place inside or outside. The darkness suggests outside at night. But the spotlight suggests that this is taking place on a rink of some sort. But then, how would a skeleton be breaking through the ice if there weren't water underneath? And who is manning the spotlight? I hope he is calling for help---or maybe he's a skeleton too!

Whatever the story, this just goes to show you why "All Skate" is a bad policy.

I don't have a category for this cover other than What the @#$%. For sheer absurdity, this covers earns three screams.

scream6 scream4 scream2