Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #20

The room shakes. The walls drip blood. An eerie voice cries "Get Out! Get Out!" Your house is being haunted twenty of Spooky covers! Today's creature beneath the floorboards is Chamber of Chills #20:

Chamber of Chills #20

COC #20 falls squarely in The Ironic Death category (originally discussed here). Oh sure, the irony is a bit strained (it would be better if the corpses were robbing the thieves of something other than their lives), but how can you not love this cover?

That is one scary corpse! Typically, bodies get buried long before they reach that state of decay. And yet, despite the obvious putrefaction, that corpse has a great body! Look at the chest on that guy---he's tearing through his own shirt with those pecs.

These two hapless thieves sneak into the morgue, expecting that the dead will still be holding their wallets and clutching their pearls. Are they really that stupid? Unless people are dropping like flies, I'm pretty sure that valuables (along with clothes---but this is a family comic) are typically removed from bodies before they go into the drawer.

And what is up with these guys? I understand how thief #1 with dead hands around his neck might be startled, but his buddy keeps opening the drawer. Instead of pontificating about your situation, how about lending a hand---or at least close the drawer!

At a bare minimum, you'd think thief #2 would have the good sense to start running. But no, he's probably gonna open a few more drawers. You know, just in case.

Struggle all you want, but for me, COC #20 earns the coveted fourth scream:

  scream7 scream5 scream2 scream3