My Life in the Hospital Day 6

Largely established a routine at this point. Walking, pissing, sleeping off morphine. Nurses and doctors make rounds. Nun, Minister, biology student, Jewish outreach volunteer, therapy dog as well; sounds like the beginning of a joke. Started liquid diet: salted, warm, tan colored water; apple-juice; coffee and milk (forbidden to have either); and cherry jelly. Never give red anything to a patient who had internal bleeding and who is constantly asked the color of bowel movements. Chestburster Last time in hospitalized there was a girl and friends with free time. Not this time around. Disappointing. Want to go home but dealing with nausea and heartburn and not even allowed solid food. CT scans are miserable. Drink foul liquid and spin around for X-ray despite being partially immobile. We can put a man on the moon, but can't make a contrast drink that doesn't taste like evil?

CTscan Be prepared for future hospitalization. Have mindless books, a charged mp3 player,  DVDs and a player, ideally a laptop with internet connect too, but let's not be greedy. boyscout

Gossip: "I hate this place, this lack of life; I hate this job; I hate these people!" Apparently yelled by one of the nurses. scream