Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #19

You feel nauseous. The room begins to spin around you. Eerie faces loom and laugh at you. You cry out in vain, they don't seem to understand you. Is this a dream? Are you hallucinating? Are you going mad?'s day nineteen of Spooky covers! Today's dementia comes from Fear #5:

Fear #5

The cover to Fear #5 falls into a category I call I Can’t Help Myself. Now, admittedly, I Can’t Help Myself is a strong corollary to The Big Reveal (originally discussed here), and it occasionally crosses paths with Nobody Believes Me (originally discussed here). The main distinction of this category is that the primary character is an individual who can’t stop his/her transformation (or horrific misdeeds); but it is not unusual for them to be relishing in it. Think of it as the difference between intentional murder and temporary insanity that leads to murder, I Can't Help Myself is the latter.

Look, these categories are completely made up. Just play along.

Ordinarily, a guy turning into a gorilla wouldn't be enough to make the cut for great Spooky covers. But Fear #5 isn't just a cover, it's a complete comic. Count 'em: six panels! The text even tells you that this is the whole story. What more do you need to know?

Do you care that this guy could never live up to daddy's expectation? Or about his failed marriage? Who cares what his motivation was? The guy is now a gorilla! That's all you need to know!

There's really no reason to buy the comic now. This is the perfect antidote for those people who are constantly being berrated by comic shop owners for reading in the store. Hey, I'm just looking at the cover, buddy! Two screams!

scream3  scream4