My Life in the Hospital Day 5

It's the smells. Every sent is pungent, unavoidable, and overwhelming. Sweat, urine, feces, halitosis, gases expelled from both ends, antiseptics, medicines, detergents and soaps, perfumes, even materials such as plastics and leathers are olfactory assaults. It has become painful just to breath. garbage

Fantasies take on new meaning in the hospital. Victoria Secret girls, infinite funds, kicking Dick Chaney in the throat? Of course! Yet after just these few days the mind turns to other, far kinkier, desirers. So I'd take this cup, right? Yeah? Fill it with ice and water. Yeah?! And drink it. Yeah, baby, yeah!! Had nothing but IV since checking in.




Unperturbed when arm swelled due to fluid build-up, took ballooning of feet, ankles, and legs up through the thighs calmly, but now genitals resemble elephant man's head in size and shape. Get that doctor in here f#$%ing NOW!