Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #18

You thought that intching on your hand was just an ordinary mosquito bite. But three days later, the itching won't stop. You scratch and you scratch, tearing the flesh from your bones. And underneath the surface you eighteen of Spooky covers! Today's abrasion is Vault of Evil #16:

Vault of Evil #16

Anyone who has walked down the isle has had this particular nightmare. This cover falls into the dual category of The Big Reveal and Dragged Down. Not only is the groom revealed to be a monster (more common than you think); but that piece of land in the country he promised you is a burial plot.

Silly bride, don't you know that half of all marriages end in monsterism? This guy didn't waste even a second. As soon as they were legal, he showed his true colors. Lie back and think of England!

This one rates 3 screams if only because it so perfectly captures the institute of marriage.

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