Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #17

You've never believed in fortune tellers, but this one seems to know so much about you. Your inner secrets are hers to unlock. With each passing moment, she shows you more of your future in her crystal orb. And as she reveals your final doom, you gasp in horror at the sight of seventeen of Spooky covers! Today's shock is House of Mystery #221:

House of Mystery #221

Now, come on, that is just creepy! I don't really have a category for skeletons riding carousels; it seems sui generis to me (but admittedly, I haven't seen every spooky cover, so who knows).

Look closely at this cover (if you dare). What's the deal here? Did the skeleton jump a ride on the carousel, or did somebody die on the "bury-go-round" because they couldn't (or wouldn't) get off. It's difficult to tell from the skeletons "expression" and posture. He even looks a little drunk to me. Those circles surrounding his skull are probably in the background, but they could be drunk bubbles.

This one is almost a scary as the haunted roller coaster. Oh, have I not shown you that one yet? Be patient, my pretties...

scream3 scream2