My Life in the Hospital Day 3

Ten pounds underweight yet IV arm and legs are swelling to obese proportions.First steps in the hallway, dragging my tubes of morphine, glucose, antibiotics, antacid, and catheter with me. Hospital looks just like the last one I was in, which looked just like the one before that, which looked just like the one before that. Pain intense, strength nonexistent, walk the equivalent of a block and long to sleep, but sleep doesn't occur in a hospital, only respites between blood drawing, blood-pressure and pulse checking, injections of anticoagulant, and shift changes of staff members. Three hours instead of eight. How does that promote healing? catheter Arm swollen because IV isn't inserted correctly. Medicine flooding into body rather than vein. No wonder morphine doesn't seem to work. Arm slowly returns to normal when chief resident takes charge and finds a vein. Legs are swollen due to fluids in general and won't subside without constant walking. A foot long scar cutting through stomach severing abdominal muscles makes standing upright a joke. Swollen feet also makes it harder to walk. See the circular nature?

Still can't see very clearly so readings out. No public internet means isolation in the digital age. MP3 player's batter is low and must conserve. Brother-in-law brought a laptop from work but it now its really is only a DVD player. Only one movie to watch. Can write documents too, which is important as work calls about twice a day since entering the hospital. They want to know who will cover classes, what lessons should be taught, and to take me off payroll and put sub on. Health care comes from work. What will happen if suddenly off the books. Half blind and largely incoherent, lesson plans are written, promises to pay subs out of pocket made, and assurances given of a quick return. Want to rest, no time to rest.