My Life in the Hospital Day 2

Out of ICU and in gen pop. First sign was the orderly shoving me off the gurney onto the plastic bed that will be home for the next week. Can't see well due to morphine, but hearings fine. Homeless woman screams in agony, hippster rants at his roommate/staff/management/doctors, deranged septuagenarian complains that he hasn't been fed in two week (staff assures him he's only been here one week), bedridden roommate curses as he spills his urinal on himself. Physical pain cannot be recalled. Emotional, yes, but not physical. The pain is often terrible; however, hours later it is hard to put into words. First night was intense but attempted to limit use of morphine pump during the day. Foolish move. Press the injection button. Hit it and time how long it take before it reactivates. Then hit it again. And again. And again. The pain will return soon enough, better to have preempted it. Pain_Scale There are good and bad nurses. The good ones are easy to discover as you will hear their names constantly, called by the other staff members too lazy or incompetent to do anything themselves. There are good and bad resident doctors but it's harder to tell from them as they come and go like a whirlwind. You have to be ready with your questions and make sure they are short. Yes and no questions are tricky as no one wants to give a definitive answer. Except for the filthy floors due to lazy janitors, this is nothing like Scrubs.