Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #15

A bolt of lightning flashes across the night sky. The radio announces that a deranged criminal has escaped from the asylum. The window smashes, and in fifteen of Spooky covers! Today's nutjob is Vault of Evil #7:

Vault of Evil #7

As with yesterday's cover, VOE #7 falls squarely into the category of The Big Reveal. In fact, this cover is sort of the mirror image of yesterday's. Here, it's the woman who turns out to be a creep (notice how she calls him "darling").

Now the “my-girlfriend-is-really-a-monster” theme is as old as time (and worth only one scream), but the fact that this cover is a mini-comic in itself (multi-paneled) earns it an additional scream in my book.

 scream4  scream2 

For me the question here is "what's her motive?" Is she simply a monster who can't control herself? Is she enacting some sort of revenge on her spouse? Or is she just fed up with her marriage and, not believing in divorce, decides the only way to fix things is to enact the "death us do part" clause?