Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #13

Watch out! Don't turn around! There may be something behind you! There is; it's the thirteenth day of Spooky covers. And in honor of this auspicious day, we have the inimitable Black Magic #6:

Black Magic #6

On first glance, BM #6 (boy, that abbreviation sounds pretty scary in itself) is a fairly conventional cover. And while I don't have a special category for it, it's fair to say that there is a skyscraper's worth of Spooky covers devoted to elevators going to the (ooh scary) 13th floor; so "scary elevators" could be a category if you really feel the need for it.

For the record, I've been in lots of buildings with 13th floors, and I've never had a problem. Now the 24th floor, on the other hand...

But back to this cover: normally, I wouldn't give this one more than a single scream; but take a closer look. The elevator operator (who is a skeleton, natch) is beckoning the couple to enter his car to take a ride to the 13th floor. But the floor indicator light shows the couple to already be on the 13th floor! I guess that's why it's considered an "express" elevator. It takes you there instantaneously!

Oh course, as with any scary building worth its foundation, this one has no 13th floor (as the gentleman explains). But it does have a pretty plush elevator car accommodations! Sure there's a coffin in there, but think of the elbow room! You won't need to stand next to the guy with the bad breath if you get in this car. Of course, Boney McRibman is a talker, so there's that...

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