Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #12

The phone rings, but there's no one on the line. It rings again, but all you hear is a deep breathing. It rings a third time, and a ghostly voice tells you to beware. Finally, the operator calls you and tells you that the phone calls are coming twelve of Spooky covers!

Today's terror is Crypt of Shadows #3:

Crypt of Shadows #3
Crypt of Shadows #3

The cover to COS #3 falls into a category that I call You're an Idiot. Now, granted, many of the covers that we've reviewed this month could technically fall into this category. We've had curators that put melting cavemen in museums; and we've had cops that can't seem to notice monsters breaking out of the ground, and we've had couples frolicking in graveyards, to name only a few.

But the You're an Idiot category is reserved for those individuals who clearly have no business being allowed out of the house. They aren't just dense, or unreasonably skeptical, or completely oblivious, or even just  annoying assholes. They are too stupid to live.

Look at this guy. Look at him! He's playing poker with a werewolf, a vampire, and DEATH. But he didn't think there was a problem until he got dealt two pair, which isn't a great hand, but it's a reasonable one to play with. Sure, Wild Bill Hickok was killed while holding aces and eights, but he wasn't playing against three monsters!

I can't believe that the monsters are waiting until midnight to cap this guy. Do they really want to clean him out first? If only one of the monsters (ideally Death) where smoking a stogie, this cover would have gotten a fourth star.

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