Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #11

You've come to this old house seeking shelter, but no one seems to be home. There's a damp smell, and the floorboards creek under your feet. You move through the cobwebs searching for a place to sit down. An icy hand touches your shoulder, and you turn to discover...that it's day eleven of Spooky Covers! Today's masterpiece is Vault of Evil #5:

Vault of Evil #5

The cover of VOE #5 belongs to the Revenge category. Revenge covers typically involves someone (or something) taking extreme action in order to return the harm that was done to them. Revenge covers are the Spooky comic equivalent to Poe's The Cask of Amontillado.

This particular cover would normally only rate one scream, but I’m going to give it an extra scream, because of the physics involved. It’s unclear to me how you could have a conversation with the driver of a car that is in motion, while you’re standing outside and in front of the car. This is the kind of “action” that can only take place in the static comics medium.

The dialogue itself is a bit hinky: "I said I would return as a ghost to destroy you. And I have!"

Well, half right. He does seem to have returned as a ghost, but he has yet to do any destroying. Granted the car does seem to be going off the road and toward a rock wall, but it's unclear whether it will be destroyed or not. And even if it is, there's no guarantee that the guy will be hurt. Again, the time it takes for the ghost to explain his plan seems to indicate that the car isn't moving too fast.

And look at that poor girl. It's hard to tell whether she's even involved in this revenge plot. Maybe she's just an unfortunate blind date, who now sees bailing out of a moving car as preferable to continuing with this shmuck.

For the sheer impossibilities involved, I give this one two screams.

 scream5 scream4