Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #10

It's a dark and stormy night. There's a knock at the door. A beautiful woman explains that her car has broken down and she needs to use your phone. But there's something about her eyes, something haunting, something sinister. That's when you realize that it's day ten of Spooky covers! Today's fright is Fear #7:

Fear #7

Although the cover to Fear #7 bears close resemblance to the Monster Behind Me category, the text signals that it more correctly belongs to the Nobody Believes Me category. As the name suggests, Nobody Believes Me typically involves one party (or parties) desperately trying to convince another party (or parties) that something is wrong.

This particular cover is fairly standard; although if you've ever spent any time in the hospital, you know that it's actually all too common to be ignored by the staff. No doubt the doctor here just figures that the patient is trying a new and more clever tactic to get attention. It hardly matters, the poor sap will be denied coverage regardless of how this turns out. Whether the monster is or isn't real, hospital stays are always a nightmare.

As to the patient's mental state, I'm a bit inclined to agree with the doctor here. Why would a lumbering giant beast need to hide behind a screen? Sure, the doctor might be a dick, but I suspect that Reddy could take him. Plus, the title of this piece is "I Dream of Doom" which tends to lend even greater credence to the doctor's diagnosis.

I'm giving this cover one scream, but you may or may not just be hallucinating it.