Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #9

You walk down that dark alley. The moon moves behind the clouds. Shuffling footsteps approach. It can only nine of Spooky covers! Today we sift through the remains of Dead of Night #3:

Dead of Night #3

DON #3 properly belongs in the Monster Behind You category, but as with yesterday's cover, it really deserves special consideration for the "clueless cop" award.

Now I have great respect for anyone willing to wear the blue, but I've got to add that I have a jaundiced eye toward those that go looking for trouble.

This poor slob here appears to be about to get more than he bargained for. I've had no personal experience with THEY who lurk below, but I suspect that it'll take more than a few whacks of the baton to knock them back into the sewers. Sure, that one who is coming up through the manhole may be a pushover, but the ones who are breaking through several feet of concrete to get to the surface will likely be more of a challenge.

I'm all for extending opportunities to the disabled, but is it really a good idea to put a deaf cop on the beat? He must be hard of hearing, right? I mean there are monsters breaking through several feet of concrete all around him and he doesn't seem to hear them!

I'm giving this cover one scream...not that the cop will hear it!