Awesome Websites for Geeks: Sequential Swap

Welcome to another installment of Awesome Websites for Geeks! Today I'd like to tell our comicbook reading audience about an awesome book swapping site geared specifically toward us. Its name: Sequential Swap and it's a great place to swap our collected comicbook editions. This is not a site for swapping single comics. That would be Comic Book Tradelist, which will be my next installment of this awesome series of posts.

With nearly 300 members from ten countries, Sequential Swap always has a great selection of thousands of books published by Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and dozens of other publishers. There's often a great selection of Manga and comicbook art books too. You can search member profiles and swap multiple books at once (lowering shipping costs per book) or you can search through the Master List alphabetically or by publisher.

What does this service cost? Nothing. Russ Anderson maintains the site and its database with titles being constantly added. The only money members need part with are for shipping costs, which are generally very affordable through the USPS' Media Mail service, though shipping outside of the United States will cost more. Additional low costs may be incurred for packing materials, but that's why it's great to reuse old bags, boards, bubble envelopes and boxes. I've not spent money on anything more than strong packing tape since joining. Learn Sequential Swap's guidelines in the "About" section of the site.

ArmzRace founder Cej introduced me to Sequential Swap in 2006 and since spring 2007 and I've probably swapped over 100 tradepaperbacks and graphic novels with dozens of members. This is much better than selling unwanted books on eBay or to a used bookstore for pennies on the dollar because there's generally little to no loss of money (if you're even concerned with the value of the book you're sending vs. receiving). I've only had one problem with missing books ever and I have no doubt it was due to a postal worker's revenge for my complaining about poor, inconsistent service.

While Sequential Swap exists for the benefit of readers as opposed to collectors, if you're extremely concerned with conditions, kindly ask your potential swap partner, but also take the same consideration you want others to give you when shipping books. While not required I often use boxes tightly packed or envelopes with plenty of sturdy backing after bagging the books or at least wrapping them in plastic to make sure the corners don't get bent. And for my own peace of mind I use Paypal's Click 'n' Ship, which includes delivery confirmation for a much lower fee than the USPS charges and saves me time on line at my local post office. With preprinted labels taped on, I can simply drop the parcels on the counter and leave while laughing at the suckers standing in line for hours.

Aside from cleaning clutter there is the chance to meet other comics readers and to discuss our likes or dislikes either via email or on the Sequential Swap Forum. So Sequential Swap is not just a service, but a community.

Join Sequential Swap today!

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