Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #8

This abandoned campground seemed like the perfect place for a vacation; but as your friends are killed off one by one, you must be day eight of Spooky covers! Today's cadaver is Chamber of Chills #10:

Chamber of Chills (1972) #10

COC #10 is a special case of Monster Behind You (discussed previously) that I call Monster Behind You and I Don’t Have the Words. On these covers, there is a second party who does see the monster, but is unable to tell the main party.

I’m especially fond of this cover. What in the world was the museum’s curator thinking? Sure, it’s really nifty that you have a Pithecanthrope Giant on display (extra points for using a scientific name), but are you really going to stick him in the middle of the museum encased in a block of ice? Even if you have no fears of him coming back to life, surely there must be some intermediate step between making the discovery and sticking him in a museum for the yokels to see. Y’know, like maybe you should study the artifact first. I guess you have to admire the curator’s passion:

Curator: “Screw science! The public has a right to see this, now!”

Perhaps if someone had examined this fellow before putting him on display we might know whether he is actually reaching toward the guard, or if he were just frozen in that position. Maybe there isn’t anything to be afraid of; maybe he was reaching for a different guard a million years ago when the ice got him.

In any case here’s another tip for this museum: find yourself a new security guard. It’s one thing not to notice what is going on behind you, but are you telling me that all that extra water on the floor isn’t raising some questions for you?

As much as I love this cover, it’s not really crazy enough to rate more than two screams.

scream3 scream2

But for what it’s worth, I stole the concept, along with the mute bystander, for my cover to my Apokalips comic.

Apokalips (2006)