Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #7

You awake in the dark to a strange noise. Is that footsteps? Do you hear breathing? Did you remember to lock the door? What's that strange shadow? It must be day seven of Spooky covers! Today's apparition is Chamber of Chills #3:

Chamber of Chills (1972) #3

Yesterday we discussed the category of Monster Behind You, that delicious dramatic irony of knowing something that the characters do not (namely, that there is a monster behind them).

COC #3 is another case of Monster Behind You, but it amps up the cheese by adding a second person to the tableau. The more clueless people there are, the greater the, wait...the greater the fun!

But COC #3 doesn't just add a second person. Oh, no; it proves these people to be totally out of touch with reality.

Cluelessness #1: They realize that the dead guy didn't just die; he was killed (and yet they stay in the room)

Cluelessness #2: She heard the guy scream in terror (and yet they stay in the room).

Cluelessness #3: She heard him scream about the thing on the roof (okay, maybe they should just stay away from the roof, but still...)

Cluelessness #4: There is a table knocked over, flowers on the floor, and an open window. Now maybe they missed these three clues, but why did they both walk to that side of the room, turn their backs to the window, and then freak out?

Cluelessness #5 (and most important): There is a multi-tentacled monster that is oozing and dripping slime coming through the window. Now maybe, maybe that thing is super quiet, but there is no way you are going to convince me that it doesn't stink to high heaven.

For sheer nuttiness, this cover earns a blood-curdling three screams!

scream3 scream2 scream5