Re: Covers: A Month of Spooky #5

Can you feel that chill air? Can you smell the rotting corpses? Can you taste the bile rising from your own fear? Then it must be day five in our month of Spooky covers! Today's cavader for dissection is Where Monsters Dwell #34:

Where Monsters Dwell #34

WMD #34 earns an easy two screams.

scream scream

It's a perfect example of the Spooky cover category Dragged Down (as discussed yesterday), except the monsters aren't monsters at all---they're bees (although they look more like wasps to me)! Who isn't afraid of bees? And just to make sure that you know these are actual bees and not some sort of giant-mutant-super-bee, there is a helpful farmhouse in the background to provide a sense of scale.

It's got to be super scary to be shrunk down to that size---you might get stepped on; but horror of horrors, to get taken "in there" by bees is unthinkable!

Of course, this cover is a re-work of Tales of Suspense #32

Tales of Suspense #32

But I think the newer cover is better: witness the look of terror on this guy's face (drawn, I believe, by our pal Sal Buscema). Great job!