Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #4

Like a lumbering beast that will not die, our month of Spooky covers continues. Today we feature the tooth-gnashing horror that is Vault of Evil #17: Vault of Evil #17

VOE #17 falls into a category I call Dragged Down, whereon a person or persons are carried away by monsters. You can think of it as the "next step" to Monster Chase (discussed yesterday): you’ve already been caught, and now it’s time to take you back to the lair and eat you.

VOE #17 fits the bill perfectly. Some lovely young couple, just out for a stroll, are suddenly and violently attacked by skeletons and pulled into the ground in which they dwell. Pretty creepy, no?

Or maybe not; the skeletons claim that the couple has escaped them in the past, so maybe these pesky teens have made a habit of disturbing these poor souls, and now they are out for revenge! Or maybe they are the children of the undertaker, who seems  preternaturally fond of burying the dead in purple robes (that could certainly disturb your eternal rest).

In any case, hitting your victim over the head with a headstone earns this cover an extra scream in my book.

scream scream