Re:Covers: A Month of Spooky #1

Some people like Horror Comics. I like Spooky Comics. What's the difference? Well, Spooky Comics rely less on gore and more on cheesy monsters, absurd characters, and "ironic" endings. Horror Comics try to scare you. Spooky Comics are just too campy to scare anyone. They are the comics that Ed Wood might have created: incredibly sincere, but hopelessly ridiculous. As a result, they are wacky and great fun; and the covers are just mind-blowingly amusing. I have a small collection of these babies, and every once in a while, I’ll pick up a few more because I just can’t resist.

It’s 30 days to Halloween, so every day this month I'll "dig up" another Spooky Comic with a great cover. The thing is, the Spooky Comics that I love typically fall into a handful of categories. So I'll also provide a brief discussion of what I think makes the cover so ludicrously cool.

For added fun, I’ll rate the creepy factor on a scale of 1 to 4 screams (4 being greatest).

To get us started, here's House of Mystery #206:

House of Mystery #206

This cover is a pretty standard one. Sure, it's got a creepy scarecrow, but it's otherwise fairly generic. As a result it only rates one scream:


The House of Mystery series got into the habit of putting little kids on the cover, having them cower from whatever frightening thing was on tap that month. I haven’t read that many House of Mystery comics, but I don't think that the kids actually appeared in the stories (they haven't in the ones I've read). In any case, cowering children make anything seem scarier.

This cover makes the cut mainly because it's a nice composition (nice balance between kids and scarecrow, along with excellent moody coloring).