Nostalgic for the Movie: The Punisher Movie Special

In the late 1990s and early 2000s eBay was a comic collector's wet dream cum true: millions of comics for pennies on the dollar. That coupled with a genetic predisposition for obsessive / compulsive behavior and a fervor for great money-saving (re: spending) deals, my comics collection grew exponentially to some 50 or more long boxes of singles and about 35 short boxes of trade paperbacks. ...Now, in an attempt to cull some crap from my collection of about 50+ long boxes of single issue comics, a significant percentage still unread, I pulled this book:

Adapted from the movie's screenplay by regular Punisher writer Carl Potts, I would not call it crap at all, but Brent Anderson's art is a bit rough and too jumpy in places making it hard to tell what is going on at times. Still, it brings back fond memories of the underrated straight-to-video classic, which I've not seen since I was aged maybe 12.

Coupled with reading the first issue of the second run of First Comics' Whisper, but only after reading the Whisper Special #1, I'm reminded that what Americans feared in the 1980s was not only the CCCP and the cold war, but Japanese takeover of our lands and businesses through the use of the mythical ninja!

And of course, being an adaptation of a movie, if I want this story and the sometimes witty dialogue, I'll just rent the DVD when Netflix gets it back in.

This comic will be posted on some book swapping site soon!

*Thanks again for the image, The Comic Book Database.