All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder vol. 1 – Frank Miller

Miller brought us the groundbreak The Dark Knight Returns, but he also brought us its pathetic sequel. Sadly, this story was closer to the latter. The collection introduces Robin to us and sets the stage for other meetings and events, but I just didn’t find the writing particularly good. I don’t believe that Black Canary would cripple everyone in a bar after a couple of idiots push her too far, I don’t buy that the cops are going to kill the soon to be Robin when whoever hired the man who killed his parents could have done the job two seconds later, I didn’t believe that steadfast Alfred would call anyone “love” (BTW one scene all is fine and the next he, apparently, drove the car into a bomb or something?), and I certainly don’t believe that Batman—tormented avenger who lost his parents to criminals—is in “love” with his job. Robin