Great Moments in Comic History: Batman #431

There’s no shortage of Great Moments in Comic Book History. There’s the death of Uncle Ben, the death of Gwen Stacy, the death of Dark Phoenix, the death of Superman (for some reason the “great moments” often involve death). But for me, the truly great moments were the quieter ones, the ones that made me really understand a character, introduced me to a new idea, or made me question my assumptions. Batman #431 by James Owlsey and Jim Aparo has such a moment.


Honestly, I don’t even remember what this comic was about. I read it 20 years ago. But one scene has stuck with me all that time. Batman is on the hunt for some criminal, and as part of his investigation, he needs to search someone’s apartment for clues. Rather than barge in as Batman, he disguises himself as the building superintendent...

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Not only does this scene show Batman as an actual detective sifting through physical evidence, it demonstrates what makes Batman a real hero: he stays to fix the poor woman’s sink.

Another Great Moment in Comic Book History.