Lost Girls – Alan Moore

Cory graciously gave me this massive tome for my birthday. It relates the story of three women who, in the shadow of WWI, rediscover themselves in the exchanging of tales of their childhood sexual awakenings. The three are actually Alice, Dorothy, and Wendy of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan, and it seems that those stories were actually metaphors for the pedophilic and often incestuous exploits. The comic is suppose to be erotica but simply reads as porn to me. The distinction between the two terms? Porn, to me, has a heavier emphasis on anonymous group sex with absolutely no repercussions such as pregnancy, emotional discomfort, or diseases. Quick question: isn’t Moore, the one who is writing this tale of three characters he didn’t create, but turned into promiscuous, sexual taboo breaking, insatiable bisexuals, without the slightest permission to do so, the same guy who rants about the horrors of companies he willingly and knowingly sold his own writings to having the audacity of modifying those writings? Lost_Girls