DB: Infinite Regression

I haven't been completely lazy this month. I've managed to create 2 pages of inked comic art. I'm still working on colorizing the panels, but I thought I'd post a few in a vain attempt at getting credit for doing something in August. If it's not posted on a blog, it didn't happen, right? So these are panels from a slightly longer piece. I'm still working out all the details, but it'll likely be around 4 pages/12-16 panels. The working title is Infinite Regression. It's the story of a guy looking back and the various mistakes that have brought him to this point in life.

I've had this idea sitting in the drawer for years. I had a goal of getting one of my "longer" works done this year, and given that it is nearly September, I really just need to get it done.

Without further ado...

One of the original sketches along with four working panels.

The story moves backward in time. I'm trying (largely unsuccessfully) to keep the drawings very simple. The coloring scheme I's using holds everything to a grayscale.