World War Hulk: The Incredible Hercules – Greg Pak

Wow, I haven’t read anything with Herc in it for years, but apparently the demigod can relate to the idea of going insane after having his wife and child murdered (although in his case the insanity came first). The green monster is after the cabal of superheroes who shot him into space and inadvertently blew up a portion of the planet he became ruler of. Various heroes side with the Hulk in his quest for revenge (along with a very annoying super-genius kid). Between this and Civil War, Marvel really wants people to hate Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic. Unfortunately, this collection just had snippets of the series and was pretty lame as it simply repeated the refrain of “the Hulk doesn’t kill anyone on purpose” and “the Hulk is destroying NYC and torturing superheroes.” world_war_hulk Read my other posts on Hulk comics.