When Bad Storylines and Poor Advertising Attack: A Response to Wonder Woman: Love and Murder and Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack

http://www.comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/225/112795_20071122002430_large.jpghttp://www.comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/231/114845_20071219234329_large.jpg On Shelfari a reader writes that she loved Loved and Murder... No reasons why, no criticism, nothing more to go on.

My response: How could you love this?

The "storyline" of these two books are the same. In synopsis: Circe wreaks havoc by resurrecting Hippolyte and showing her Wonder Woman in US government custody, inciting the Amazon's Queen to declare war on the United States. The results: Washington gets royally messed up; the Amazons are banished from the realm of the gods (or something like this); Pallas Athena turns out to be Granny Goodness, who I guess needed to reduce Earth's defenses for Darksied's impending Final Crisis attack; Wonder Woman is now... I don't know. I have no idea. What is this story setting up other than Final Crisis? Where is Wonder Woman going after this?

I've been reading across the DC universe beginning with One Year Later stories up through Final Crisis yet none of the house ads from this early 2007 period mentioned that it would be a necessity for readers to purchase both Amazons Attack and Wonder Woman 6-10 (really just 8-10 are absolutely necessary as prologue and story chapters).

I read Amazons Attack last night and then the Wonder Woman issues today. Because of the poor judgment to reprint Love and Murder separate from the Amazons Attack mini-series, a reader needs to have both books and needs to be aware that the story jumps back and forth between the two in order to get the most out of the story. Besides, there is a total lack of character development and it's unclear why Wonder Woman's status quo is so different than pre-Infinite Crisis, which I guess was set up in issues 1-5, but there's no real clues for new readers. Is it simply because she killed Max Lord?

This seems to be another case of DC or Marvel throwing a big literary (Jodi Picoult) or Hollywood  name onto a book causing fans to think it might be something extraordinary when it's subpar comics storytelling, falling prey more heavily than most contemporary superhero comics to sudden unclear revisions in character history.

The artwork in the Wonder Woman comics was drawn and inked by multiple artists and didn't do much for me. Lots of "sort of flash" that I didn't want to look at it too long, so I don't know if the art helped tell the story as the plotting and dialogue by Picoult and Will Pfiefer were crap to be rushed through. Amazons Attack had nice, consistent art, but this hardly saved the storyline from being crap. Everything I'd heard about Amazons Attack is true: Insignificant and uninteresting.

Wonder Woman has rarely interested me, but I did purchase, read, and enjoy the entire Greg Rucka run. I don't dislike the character and I'm willing to give her book a try and having really liked Messner-Loebs' Challenge of Artemis recently I'd like to read his run and I have read Gail Simone (who is hit or miss with me) has done some good writing on Wonder Woman.

The Amazons Attack book is up for swap on Sequential Swap and the single Wonder Woman issues are on Comic Book Tradelist if you decide you want them...

Thanks again to the Comic Book Database for the images.