Star Trek

Can you love a movie but hate the plot? It seems you can based on this reinvention of the Star Trek universe. Reinvention as, once again, the space-time continuum is disrupted and reality is re-written (yawn, it gets old after the first million times) thanks to the nefarious revenge schemes of tattooed Romulans. Ignore all that and focus on the often wonderful interactions and characterizations of the classic characters. Uhura and Chekov are finally given personalities, Spock is his old conflicted self again, and "Bones" is given a five second backstory that says it all (Brilliant job by Karl Urban; I almost believed I broke through the space-time continuum and watched a young DeForest Kelley). Does this mean a return of the Trek? It may not be something no one has done/gone before, but it could be bold(-ly? Ok that didn't really work, but you get the idea).