American Gods - Neil Gaiman

When people came to American they took their faith and beliefs with them. This doesn't mean those mythologies stuck. Many years ago Megan asked me to write her a short comic which she could "illustrate" using her new digital camera (rather innovative for the time). I wrote up a tale of a detective hunting down a lost god only to discover that the one-time powers had become American icons. I had thought she could have such things as police officers, politicians, etc superimposed over images of deities to show that "typical" American's inner virtues had been inspired by their ancestry. She never did the comic; but Gaiman wrote this book. Gods came with their worshipers to the new world, but something about this place makes it hard for them to hang on. Largely forgotten or ignored, the old world gods do what they can to survive, made all the more difficult by the power of new, "better," American gods who come and go like fads. But the old ones aren't just going to disappear. With the "help" of ex-con Shadow, they just might have a trick or two left. American Gods is pretty awesome; read it.