The Scourge of Socialism

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Drawing Board The beginnings of this baby can be seen here and here. So after more agonizing and procrastinating than is really appropriate, I have finally finished this. And I'm relatively happy with it. The last 3 panels are, I think, the weakest: panel #7 is just an unreadable mess (it's supposed to be tainted food and drugs---note the 3-legged turkey---but it's really not all that different from panel #3); panel #8 should have our narrator clumsily fighting a war, not the actual troops; and panel #9 is also an unreadable mess (it's difficult to fit crime, disaster, poverty, pollution, and corporate takeover all in one panel).

I reduced the text even further based partly on Mark's suggestions. I'm always a little worried about making the text too sing-songy, but hopefully I cut and sang about the right amount to get the point across.