Mark! ranting on the promise of promises and why librarians are their own enemies

Ok, I know I've been saying to ya'll that I'll get this blog updated, post some comics, and basically do all the stuff that makes a blog a blog. Well, this isn't the start of that promise, but it is the promise of a start. I've promised myself a month off when I return from ALA in Chicago to decompress and catch up on some stuff I've wanted to do i.e. this blog. I think I realized I need some down time during Queens College's MLS graduation party. No, not my graduation, I set up the party (as part of being President of the Student Association (Pratt pays those people BTW)), but it was all for people who rarely or don't acknowledge my existence. The realization came when I asked this stupid &@%^$ named Danelle (or maybe that's a pseudonym, you don't know) if she would sign a petition to help her now alma mater's Student Association get more funds, and she blew up screaming "You know, I don't have time for this!" Well, I should of mentioned to that fat %$&*@ that I didn't have time to throw that party or write her a graduation card, but I did it anyway. Funny, her and her giggling cabal of nutters would probably get along quit well with me--very similar twisted sense of humor--if they stopped being so cliquish. I guess that's why I'm writing this (no it's not just because I want to sabotage my career by badmouthing fellow librarians, that's only the subconscious part), but to remind any librarian peers who might read this--all potential one of you--that there is a reason no one respects our profession: we tend to be either loners or cliquish, socially inept, and show no desire to help ourselves out. Why do you think our budgets always get cut? Because we're swimming in $$? Maybe part of it is because we can't take two seconds to write our names down on a piece of paper. Maybe part of it is how we present and promote ourselves even to each other. Do you know that Mark Beta constantly laughs every time I mention some class or skill a librarian needs? And he just got a degree in Theatre Theory! What the *&%(@ is that? (No offense Mark, but we both know it's true.) Is self preservation so hard that we can't get our heads out of our butts, asks this bridge burning, antagonizing author? Oh, for the return of the Grey Lady calling us hipster librarians.