Anatomy: Socialism (part 2)

It's a few days later, and I've revisited this idea.  I've even taken a few of Mark's suggestions into account and combined a few of the points. I agree that the ending is probably overkill, but I think not having something to tie it all up will make it seem too unfinished.

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We're still on the tracing paper, and I still need to correct some parts. But I think I have the basic elements laid out. I tried to vary the images between close ups and longshots since I need to work more on backgrounds and depth. I also want the images to be visually interesting and funny to some degree---either by pointing out the absurdity (tainted meat) or just by having a silly picture (the kid with the dunce cap). The military image (panel 8 ) isn't really either of those things, but I think it may be a fun image to draw because of its pattern. However, if I think of something better, I'll trade it out. Likewise, panel 9 is meant to show several things falling apart (planes falling out of the sky, sanitation problems, poverty) and I'm not sure if I can really make it work in any kind of perspective. So that panel may change.

Working Text

Title: You, Too, Can Defeat the SCOURGE of SOCIALISM

P1: I know it seems overwhelming at times, but there are some simple things you can do to save our country from the threat of Socialism.

P2: If you travel, go off-road. And never go to National Parks or monuments. Public roads and public places were built by Socialism.

P3: Only drink rainwater, and don't use a toilet. Municipal tap water and sewers are for Socialists.

P4: If your house is robbed or catches on fire, take care of it yourself. Fire Departments and Police Departments are for Socialists.

P6: If you lose your job, don't accept unemployment insurance. And don't let your aging parents cash their Social Security checks. Government assistance is Socialism.

P6: If you have kids, home school them. Public schools are for Socialists.

P7: Only take non-FDA-approved drugs and eat non-FDA-screened food. Safety regulation is invasive Socialistm.

P8: And forget supporting the troops. They get free food, housing, training, and health care. Do you really want this country defended by Socialists?

P9: If you take these simple steps, we'll soon be free of a safe, well-ordered society that takes care of its people. Down with Socialism!

Or something like that...