Anatomy: Socialism

So here's another idea in the works. I have the basics figured out, but I'm still deciding on the best way to present the information. It started (at work) on the back of scrap paper:

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And I've begin mapping things out on tracing paper. These images may change somewhat; and one or more may switch places to get the right punch.

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Working Text

Title: You, Too, Can Defeat the SCOURGE of SOCIALISM

P1: I know it seems overwhelming at times, but there are some simple things you can do to save our country from the threat of Socialism.

P2: When I drive to work, I always go off-road. Public roads and highways are for Socialists.

P3: I only drink groundwater (rainwater?) that I collect. Municipal tap water is for Socialists.

P4: When my house caught on fire, I put it out myself. Fire Departments are for Socialists.

P5: I home school all my kids. Public schools are for Socialists.

P6: I was robbed, but I didn't call the cops. Police and the penal system are for Socialists.

P7: I only take non-FDA-approved drugs and eat non-FDA-screened food. Safety regulation is for Socialists.

P8: When I lost my job, I survived on my savings. Unemployment insurance is for Socialists.

P9: I don't let my aging parents cash their Social Security checks. Taking care of the elderly is for Socialists.

P10: When we travel, we only go to (?theme parks?). National Parks and Monuments are for Socialists.

The text could use some tweaking, and I'm still working on the order. I'm trying to decide on how to end on a punch. Maybe something like: "A civilized, safe, and well-ordered society is the last thing America needs." In any case, I want to keep it to nine panels, so a couple of the lesser ideas (or ones I can't figure out an image for) will likely get dropped.

Constructive suggestions welcome.