Drag Me From the Theatre, If You Can: Drag Me to Hell Movie Review (Sort of)

DrAg mE tO HeLl OrIgInAl MoViE PoStEr sInGle Sided 27 x40 Paul (one of the other multitudes of Pauls who shop at Heroes and Villains) at Ideology of Madness calls this movie a bad horror movie. He's not all that wrong, but here's what my experience was like:

I'm guessing you did not see the Wednesday night showing at AMC 24 in Hampton during which two groups of people kept making funny ass comments, like, "Don't look in there, bitch," and, "Who has an anvil?" which made the movie a lot more enjoyable.

And of course, going into the movie knowing that Raimi is a pretty cheesy director helps, or at least helped me realize that I should not take the movie seriously. Some of his camera movements? Why? Why, why, why? I read in some book about los Bros. Coen in which Raimi says something like it's the director's job to make it clear what is most important in the scene. This made me think of some of his squiggly move in for close-ups moves from one or several of the Spider-Man movies. I'm not that studied in film criticism, theory, or technique, but I'd imagine the actors should be helping make the audience understand something important is happening, or the music, or costuming, but the fucking squiggling camera...No. You know what I mean?

I enjoyed it as a fun movie, in which I was scared for  few moments here and there, as goat-headed demons can be frightening, but that's about all. The old Gypsy was gross and creepy, but didn't we love the old lady in Evil Dead II for the same reasons?

Three couples walked out before the end, but I think it was the jokers that turned them off more than the cheese and bad CG. The theatre manager mentioned at least one pair complained about the talking and shouting, but I took it like the Grindhouse experience or Rocky Horror: It's all about audience response.

PS: Lohman starred in White Oleander opposite Michelle Catwoman, in which the former plays some trouble jail-bait who moves from foster home to foster home because of her psychotic mother played by the latter. Take a look if it doesn't sound too chick-flick for you.