52 (Don't) Pick Up: A Comics Review of 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen (DC Comics) This seems like filler and sells only on the merits of the goodness that was 52 itself by throwing a giant "52 Aftermath" logo on the cover. The main characters, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman did not feel well-written and I did not care about anyone in this story. It felt disjointed at times and I think even a bit directionless, so even when I enjoyed moments, that enjoyment quickly vanished, as should this story.

I don't know what the later implications were, especially of Dr. Whatshername becoming ruler of Egg Foo's island. Or is it Egg Fu? Does anything that happened in this story matter later on? Some of the Checkmate stuff was cool, such as Snapper Carr now being someone who watches the Wat...I mean JLA, but I haven't faithfully followed Checkmate or Wonder Woman, which is there I'd imagine some of the results of this mini-series are shown.

Normally I enjoy Giffen's writing, but not here. I enjoy VanSciver's art, though I already cannot recall if there was a fill-in artist on some later issues. That's how memorable the overall package is.

It seems like since the four horsemen are supposed to be adapting to Earth, not Apokalips, they might look different than their previous forms. It's been a few years since 52 ended, almost two years to the week, I think, and I'm pretty sure the horsemen looked the same: some still creepy, other aspects are just stupid.

I've already added this book to my Sequential Swap list for trade...

Collects issues 1-6 of the DC Comics mini-series by writer Kieth Giffen and penciler Ethan Van Sciver. Hmmm. $2.99 per issue, times six issues equals $19.99?