Anatomy of a Comic: 4

Okay, so we're near the end. But there are still some critical decisions to be made. NEARLY DONE Click to enlarge

First off, I thought of another item for the left side: smoking/drugs in movies. That sorta gets my "movies are bad" motif in there, and it's an easier image to draw (at least in terms of drawing something iconic). So I'll get to that soon.

But for now, the text is the thing. I'm reasonably happy with the text on the left. But on the right...

  • should I add the names of the pundits? It might be helpful to the reader, but does it really add much? It will definitely make more clutter
  • is the point clear? yes, it's big and bold in the center of the right panel, but is this the best way to say it? the best place to put it?
  • does the comic need an intro? Like "We are always told that media can negatively affect us..." on the top left? I can't tell if it's needed, or the point is clear. The comic is short enough that I think that the reader will grasp it. And if they can't, it seems like they won't get the comic anyway.
  • does the comic need a title? Again, it seems unnecessary. And yet, this comic fits perfectly with either the Mixed Messages comics or the Just So We're Clear... comics that I've done several of. So I could use one of those. (I do need to be thinking about the next mini, so fitting a comic into an established niche is a good idea)

It's late, so I'll sleep on it. But I intend to finish this puppy tomorrow, so that I can claim two comics for May.