How It Works: Prayer

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Drawing Board

I have this crazy idea of doing a mini comic of "How Things Work" that spoofs and/or critiques any number of social phenomena. However, given that I've managed to do 2 comics on the idea in the last 8 years, don't hold your breath. This is the other one.

As to this comic in particular, I've always been a little troubled about the whole fate vs. free will issue, and throwing in God and prayer only muddies the waters further. Let's face it, the internal logic of most belief systems is fuzzy at best. I have no doubt that prayer can offer meditative and palliative help for some individuals, but that's not exactly the same as bringing the magic.

With this comic I wanted to try a new inking technique. You squirt the ink directly on the page and then spread it around with your brush rather than dip your brush in an ink well.  The tecnique had mixed results for me, especially as the ink had a tendency to spray rather than drip nicely. I suspect with a better squirter and a comic with more black spaces I might have more luck. This particular comic doesn't really require much black---I sorta made up the black backgrounds in order to try out the technique (although I kind of like the effect).