Almost There (with the Hard-Traveling Hero)

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Drawing Board

What do you know: two semi-scatalogical comics in a single month both squarely aimed at satisfying the need to avoid buying real gifts for birthday buddies.

Or, put more succinctly: Happy Birthday, Paul!

The idea for this one came to me about the time I realized that I had only a few weeks left before Paul's birthday (April 2). Originally, I was planning for it to be a typical panel comic. But I realized that it might be more clever to have photos (which Paul is notorious for taking) and a map (which I assume he sometimes uses in his travels). I thought about creating a collage with an actual road map and actual pictures, but I reckoned it might be a lot more work than it appeared on first consideration; and besides, I needed to show Paul that his adventures could become comics.

It came out okay, although I definitely need to work on my exterior drawings. In case any of the panels are unclear (which they seem to me): That's Jungle-cutting Paul, Sahara-crossing Paul, spelunking Paul, breast-stroke Paul, mountain-climbing Paul, skydiving Paul, and bladder-bursting Paul.

And just for your birthday: I spelled "travelling" with one "l."