Cycle of (Pro)Life

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Drawing Board

This one came to me quickly, although it took a lot of tweaking; and I'm still not happy with the final product, as I think the woman comes off as too pathetic (and certainly not a stand-in for all women who need reproductive services).

I had originally intended to have the protesters argue against health care, education, etc., as there often seems to be a large overlap between people who insist on no abortions and people who insist on no social services. But I decided that trying to work in that angle would only complicate the comic (and make it more wordy). It almost works better to have the protesters be useless at the other stages of the life cycle.

I had also originally drawn an umbilical chord going from pregnant woman to baby to little girl, etc. in order to emphasize the connection between them and the cyclicality of the life cycle. But I decided that it was confusing without adding much to the comic; so I dropped it.

A couple of other points about the comic:

1) The woman in panel one and panel six is clearly far along in her pregnancy---probably too far along to get a legal abortion. But I chose to make her obviously pregnant because this is comics, and a skinny woman wouldn't be the iconic image that I needed.

2) Although about twenty years pass between panel one and panel six, the protesters don't age (or change their clothes). Again, I kept the image simple as not to add confusion. Still, I like the added implication that the protesters never seem to change.

3) I don't know why the baby in panel two is larger than the little girl in panel three. Maybe that's how big you have to be to talk at that age...

Finally, a comic can only present so much information. And undoubtedly, abortion is a complex subject. No one-page comic is going to present the issue with all the necessary subtlety. To those of you who take offense, I point you to some of my other comics/posts. They may not assuage you, but they will at least give you a better idea of my position.