Weight Gaining Techniques

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Background So I've been trying to be good and work on ArmzRace stuff at least once a week (in addition to putting out at least one comic a month). But somedays I have no inspiration whatsoever. That's when I turn to my sketchbook, which is full of stupid ideas like this one. I figured, "I can crank that out pretty quickly." That may sound cheesy, but sometimes you need a quick "win" to get back in the game. This (admittedly weak) idea has been sitting in my sketchbook for most of a decade.

I just recently finished reading another book by Jeffery Brown. The guy has some great comics, some okay comics, and some pretty bad comics; but he has hundreds of comics. It seems that he makes a comic out of everything he thinks---good or bad. Somedays I think that's a better model to follow than my usual stance of: if I can't get it perfect, why bother?