Lucifer - Mike Carey

I was originally bloging each of the trade paperbacks, until I got caught up in life's craziness (i.e. I had pencils to sharpen). Then, when I finally got a chance to sit down and read all eleven volumes, I jotted down various notes to use when I wrote each of them up. Now even more time has passed and it's time to simply get something posted. The end results are thus: Carey's tales of the continuing adventures of everyone's favorite fallen angel are often exciting and profound, playing with philosophy and mythology. Unfortunately, there are slips and too many times the characters deal with problems too easily or seem contradictory to their nature (a submissive Lilith for example). Everything fell apart for me when Carey utilized my most hated plot devise: that of having god show up and be a rather pathetic character. It's what ruined Preacher for me, and I fail to believe that it is ever necessary unless the author has just gotten lazy. Lucifer was a good title, better then many comics out there, but I think it was for the best that it ended.