Marvel Zombies

I’ve never been all that intrigued by zombies, but I kept reading how great and funny Marvel Zombies was. So I managed to pick it up via Sequential Swap. I must be missing something, because I don’t understand the draw here. The world is plagued by zombies who live off of human flesh. But it appears that most of the good meat has been eaten, and the remaining zombies, who are all Marvel heroes, spend their time moaning about their hunger. There are moments of black comedy when someone loses a limb, and the covers (which are zombie homages to classic Marvel covers) are clever, but these tricks get old fast. The actual intriguing plot points (e.g., Henry Pym seems to be trying to cure the plague) aren’t really developed. And worst of all, there’s not even a joke about “Marvel zombies” (which was a term coined to make fun of fans who were slavishly devoted to Marvel comics). However, this mini series was successful enough to spin out at least three sequels (as well as toys), so I guess the joke about slavishly devoted fans writes itself.