A Decade of Comics

In (roughly) December of 1998, Cej and Mark decided that it was time to get serious about producing comics. After much discussion (through email), they settled on the "do-able" goal of one page of comic art/story per month. They would share their work and provide one another with comments and constructive criticism. Now all they needed was a name for their project. Several were floated. Among the many great ideas, ARMZRACE was chosen. Who came up with that name? It depends on whom you ask. Cej, Mark, (and John) all claim credit.

Back then, there was no website, and neither Cej nor Mark had a scanner.  So for the first year or so, they photocopied their comics and exchanged them through the US mail.

It's been a long and often frustrating experience. But month after month, every month (plus or minus a couple of days when things got rough), through kidney stones and stomach ulcers, through marriages and breakups, through killer hurricanes and terrorist attacks, for ten years, the ArmzRace has produced independent, creator-owned comics.

From January 1999:

Medical Mishaps by Cej The Best Years of Your Life by Mark

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