Peeps - Scott Westerfeld

Out of the vampire oriented books I wanted to read over my break, this is the one I didn't know if I would care for. And yet, this book rocked! Cal is infected with a disease which he has a partial immunity to. That means he has super strength and super senses without the madness and cannibalism that usually accompanies it. Now he's hunting down those he accidentally infected (Did I mention that any sexual contact passes the plague? Welcome to monk-hood). But the situation is much more complicated as he has inadvertently become involved with a woman and together they discover that the disease is the most benevolent thing they encounter. Complete with scientific information about the wonders of parasites, this was an informative and exciting read even if I felt Westerfeld could have done more with his characters when they discover the earth shattering events that have happened to them. There is a sequel, but I'm not sure if I want to read it, as the tale was so much fun I'm afraid to ruin the feeling.