The Spirit

Mark Beta had an extra movie pass and we decided to take in this flick, assuming that at least it would look pretty. Indeed, every woman in that movie was smoking and the color contrasts made for great visuals. Unfortunately, the movie also had sound. This is how I figured it all happened. Frank Miller is friends with Scarlet Kitchen, the daughter of Denis Kitchen, as in Kitchen Sink Press Comics, who was a good friend of Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit, even handling the sale of his art. Its all about connections. Speaking of which, during the one date I had with Scarlet we seemed to hit it off, so I don't know what happened that she disappeared on me. It's not like I messed up as I did when I was thinking about buying some of Eisner's art only to say to myself "I'll do it next week" during which time Eisner died, Kitchen pulled the art for sale, and the value of which jumped. What the heck was I talking about?  Oh, yeah, so Miller had some very funny, over the top situations in the film, but not every scene is suppose to be ridiculous sounding. It made me think that the humor was either lucky or unintentional. Update: It seems that Miller and Eisner knew each other for a long time, so I was wrong there (Mark! wrong? Go on!), and this post has caused more controversy than anything I've ever dealt with. And people say no one pays attention to blogs anymore. For a hint at what I'm refering to see what's left on the comments.