The Sleeper Agent

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Drawing Board This one was inspired by all those emails I got when Obama was running for president that breathlessly tried to warn me that Obama was secretly a Muslim, that he was out to take over the government, that he'd bring chaos to America, and undermine our way of life.

And I'd just think..."Oh my god! He might start an illegal war based on lies! He might send thousands of Americans to their deaths! He might let an American city and its people drown! He might destroy the economy while enriching all his friends. He might explode the deficit while undermining government services! He might spy on American citizens and openly flout the law. He might..."

Well, you get the picture. Republicans have no sense of irony.

It has been awhile since I did a more involved comic, and with Bush thankfully out the door, I figured I shuld get this one in quick. I tried to contain my anger (and examples) to 9 panels, as well as keep the agent a mystery until the end. The dark face is both to maintain his secret identity as well as to hint strongly that the agent is Obama.

This one's a mix of pen and brush, with some Photoshop/Illustrator thrown in for the panel outlines and text. Overall, it's a bit muddled; and I'm not sure you'll get it without the explanation. But overall, I'm happy with it.